Dahi Wada (Lentil dumplings served with yogurt)

Preparation time: 10 minutes (excluding the overnight soaking)

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Serves 6

Health quotient: Protein rich and delicious especially in summers


Group A

  1. Chhilka Moong dal (split green lentil) 1/2 cup
  2. Dhuli Urad Dal 1/2 cup
  3. Saunf                         1 teaspoon
  4. Hing (Asoefitida)             1 pinch
  5. Adrak (Ginger)             1 small piece
  6. Green chili                                     1
  7. Long (cloves) 2
  8. Dhaniya powder 1 teaspoon
  9. Lal mirch (red chili) powder 1 teaspoon

Group B

  1. Salt 1 teaspoons
  2. Water 4-5 cups

Group C

For the Dahi to go over it

  1. Yogurt 1 cup
  2. Jeera (roasted)                         5 tspn
  3. Salt                                                 as per taste (around1.5 tspn)


  1. Wash the moong dal and urad dal together and and soak it overnight in water
  2. Mix all the Group A ingredients along with the soaked dal and blend into a fine paste
  3. The soaked dal has enough water so when putting in the blender only put the dal and the other ingredients without any water. During blending keep adding water (in increments of 1 teaspoon or lesser) as required
  4. Remember to never add salt to the dal batter when making wadas. If there is any salt in the batter, on frying oil fills up in the
  5. Heat up the oil to fry the wadas. The oil should not be very hot (as one uses for pooris etc) but a little mild hot so that the wadas fry well from the inside too
  6. Just before pouring out the batter to fry the wadas, whisk it well with a spoon or a spatula. This way air gets trapped in the batter and results in light and fluffy wadas
  7. Also do a small check to see if the batter is ready for frying. Pour out one drop of the batter in a cup full of water. If it floats on water, the batter is ready. In case it doesn’t you should just blend the batter again with 1-2 teaspoons of water. Then whisk it again to check if its ready for frying
  8. Use a teaspoon or a smaller tablespoon to ladle out the wadas in the pan. Don’t drop them but rather leave them slowly in the oil pan. This way they will be equally soft from all sides and no lumps will form in the middle
  9. While the wadas are frying, mix the Group B ingredients together to form a saline water mixture
  10. Take out the fried wadas from the oil pan and let them directly soak in the saline water. This way the salt will get absorbed in the wadas and the extra oil will leave the surface too
  11. Repeat the process for all the wadas and you can leave them in the saline solution for a couple of hours.
  12. After a few hours, drain the water and squeeze the wadas slightly to take out the extra water. These can be refrigerated in this manner for upto 2 days
  13. When serving, take the Group C ingredients. Beat the yogurt in a thinner than paste and thicker than soup consistency while adding Jeera and salt to it along with red pepper powder.

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