Atta Halwa (whole wheat fudgy dessert)

One of my children’s favourite, so much that my elder one helped me make it

Cooking time: 20 minutes (no preparations needed)

Serves 4

Health quotient: Very healthy for children and lactating mothers


  1. Whole wheat flour        1 cup
  2. Granulated Sugar          1 cup
  3. Ghee (clarified butter)  1/2 cup
  4. Water                                2 cups



  1. In a pan warm ghee
  2. Once the ghee is warm (just warm not hot) put whole wheat flour in it

    Atta browned with ghee
    Atta browned with ghee
  3. In a separate bowl mix the sugar and water
  4. Once the flour has browned well, start puring the sugar syrup in the pan (gradually)
  5. The smell of the flour will indicate if it has browned well
  6. As you pour the water, keep mixing the halwa and if you feel the need to add more water just gradually add some more

Cook Notes:

  1. A mix of whole wheat atta and suji can also be used. It makes the halwa a little more granular, preferred by some
  2. Replace 1/4 atta with almond flour for extra nourishment. Almond flour will not be cooked and browned completely like the whole wheat atta. Better to add it towards the end of browning, before adding the sugar syrup

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