Moong Dal chilla (Split moong protein rich pancakes)

Moong Dal chilla makes for excellent breakfast, very nutritious and a great idea after your morning aerobics or gym. Best part is that it doesn’t require much of pre-work/ preparations.

Preparation time: 10 minutes (excluding the overnight soaking)

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Makes 8 large chillas

Health quotient: Protein rich


Group A

  1. Chhilka Moong dal (split green lentil) 1 cup
  2. Saunf                                                           1 teaspoon
  3. Hing (Asoefitida)                                       1 pinch
  4. Adrak (Ginger)                                           1 small piece
  5. Green chilly                                                1
  6. Salt As per your taste

Group B

Optional (if you are fond of veggies: All veggies have to be finely grated

  1. Carrots        1 tbspn
  2. Zucchini     1 tbspn
  3. Onion          1/2 tbspn


  1. Wash the moong dal well and soak it overnight in water
  2. Mix all the Group A ingredients and blend into a fine paste
  3. The soaked dal has enough water so when putting in the blender only put the dal and the other ingredients without any water
  4. During blending keep adding water (in increments of 1 teaspoon) as required
  5. To the blended mixture add the Group B ingredients as per your preference. The batter for chilla is ready
  6. To make chilla, take a tablespoon full of batter and spread it on the warm skillet on medium heat to cook
  7. The skillet should not be very hot as the chilla will then not cook well from inside and may get burnt from outside
  8. It is best had with green chutney

Cook Notes:

  1. If you have extra left over batter which you do not want to make into chilla again, you can make Dal bread chila. Cut the break slices in half, dip the half slice in the batter and then cook it just like the chila on the skillet.
  2. If the batter has become two runny, add some rice powder to thicken and the chillas may come out to be pretty crispy
  3. If you are on a diet, you can use less oil or almost 1 drop of oil on a non stick skillet

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