No guilt (aka oil/butter) whole wheat fudgy chocolate brownies

Preparation time: 30minutes (during which your oven will get preheated)

Cooking time: 25 minutes (20 minutes for moist brownies and 30 minutes for dry brownies)

Makes 40 brownies (1.5inch by 1.5inch)

Calories: Only 55 calories per brownie

Dry Ingredients                                              

whole wheat flour (regular atta)       1 cup

Cooking dark chocolate                       100gms

Baking powder                                    1 teaspoon

Unsweetened dutch cocoa powder    1/4 cup

White Sugar or Brown Sugar             3/4 cup
(Brown sugar is preferable but I had run out of brown so just used white regular sugar instead)

Wet Ingredients                                             

Ripe Avocado                                      1 medium, only flesh pureed

Honey (Used Dabur honey)                 1 teaspoon

Low fat Milk (or double toned)          1+1/8 cup

raspberries/ nuts (optional)               I took 10 raspberries



  1. Preheat the oven for 20-25 minutes at 175 degree celsius
  2. Place a large pan on low heat and put the cooking chocolate in the pan
  3. Stir continuously to ensure it doesn’t stick to the pan
  4. Once its melted add all the dry ingredients to the pan and whisk well
  5. Now add the wet ingredients and whisk well. Add only 1 cup of milk initially to ensure the batter is of thick consistency. This will make the brownies dense and fudgy. In case required add the 1/8 cup milk
  6. Once the batter is ready, roll the raspberries in flour and then fold them in the batter. In this case I just placed them in the middle during pouring the batter in the baking dish
  7. Bake it for 20 – 30 minutes. For very moist brownies bake for 20. I bake it for 25 minutes to retain the fudgy-ness in the middle and not get them to over bake or dry.
  8. Check the doneness of the brownies using the toothpick or knife test. Do understand that one should let the brownies cool for atleast 1-2hrs before cutting them into pieces.



  1. Fat (oil or butter) is replaced with healthy fat from avocado and some fat from the chocolate and cocoa powder
  2. While I have used sugar here, the same recipe can be made with honey or date paste. I’m not sure of the ratio though and will have to be tried. Usually it is 1 cup for 1 cup.
  3. Instead of all-purpose flour I have used our regular atta or whole wheat flour.

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